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If sheltering in place left you with the thought of that empty, dull spot of the house where a beautiful rug would become a statement piece, or if you are looking for some artistic inspiration in the house to make it more cozy, colorful or special, here are 6 eco-friendly rugs that take inspiration from art and can turn the room into a special space.

Rugs are like accessories in fashion; they can be used to revive an old room and can be changed around and rearranged easily to redesign the space or create corners with style and personality. …

It’s now quite clear that we will be wearing face masks for some time and will have to use them in different occasions. So, just like all our outfits and accessories, they will gradually adapt to our style and become a way to make a fashion statement, be creative and show our personality. They might also become the new gift for all our next holyday occasions.

Unfortunately, the first batch of face masks protected our health and the one of the people around us but ended up pretty quickly as trash in the environment. Luckily now, for those of us…

A seven-step guide in fostering supplier and customer relationships to reach your sustainability goals

This year it was not possible to have the NeoCon tradeshow in Chicago, with millions of visitors from all the US and abroad to check out the latest trends in commercial design. But we decided to take this opportunity to ponder and think how we would like our own virtual NeoCon to look like and what we wanted to introduce in the conversations about commercial design. So, we centered everything around sustainability, re-design and beauty, with no limitation to our imagination and to the ability to connect, with the hope to create new conversations around the future of design.


We’re thrilled to be celebrating nine years since our ECONYL® regenerated nylon was created and launched to the market. It’s strange to be celebrating these days, but we are living in a moment of great reflection, so it becomes natural to see our story in connection with so much that has changed in the world in nine years, especially now with everything that COVID-19 has made more visible and accelerated.

Sustainability slowly went from being a problem of individual choices to being a broader topic that needed strong industry collaboration. …

If COVID-19 is a portal, a getaway to a new world, we have the unique opportunity to start a conversation about what we want to bring in the new world, and what we want to leave behind. Designers have an incredible power to inspire and make change happen. We want to hear from them and create a conversation around the power of design and the changes we wish for. Please join us!

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

Nearly one billion people around the globe have been quarantined to their homes in efforts to slow down the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. For…

Aquafil’s international suggestions for staying connected and inspired

What are you doing in these days? How are you regenerating energy, hope, happiness and strength? How do you get inspiration from the restricted space of social distancing? We checked with our team members across the world — from China, to Italy, to the USA — to put together a power-toolkit for regeneration in the time of COVID-19. We hope it helps you stay strong!

Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

I guess the whole concept of what was important or even extremely important, or less has been reprioritized in these days. Do you have the same feeling…

Are you feeling a little bit of eco-anxiety? Here is how we tried to defeat it in this project with action and collaboration. It’s the story of how a group of “like-worried” people came together to try to make a sustainable, beautiful, Nepalese rug that wouldn’t cost the earth. And in the process, they tested how to change and inspire the industry one rug at a time, through materials, design, handcraft, and stories.

The year 2020 has just begun, but we’re already seeing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, from destructive fires in Australia to deadly floods in Indonesia…

Choosing sustainable practices and materials to create beautiful spaces is one of the most important and exciting design challenges of our time

The Jeans carpet collection by Tarkett.

According to Lance Hosey, FAIA, LEED Fellow and Design Resilience director for Gensler, studies show that designers and architects can impact up to 90 percent of a project’s eventual impact based on the earliest design decisions.[1]

Can we challenge ourselves to create structures that balance beauty, functionality, wellness and care for our environment?

We believe we can.

For too long, we have held on to outdated notions that sustainable materials are too expensive, it is too time consuming…

Greg Rakozy, Unsplash.

Forecast trendsetter Rikke Skytte warns the audience during a keynote about sustainability and trends, “Attention, no one is coming to save you. This life is 100% your responsibility”. From here, we’re taken on a fantastic journey that highlights trends and the future of humanity, where sustainability is a megatrend that is here to stay and one of the fastest-growing sectors of design. Ready to start 2020?

Rikke Skitte is a forecast trendsetter from Denmark. We meet her in Italy while she is visiting our headquarter to give a trend presentation focused on sustainable design. She describes her work as gathering…

ECONYL® brand

Recycling? Yes, and further! We regenerate nylon waste into new materials for brand new products. Download our sustainable design ebook http://bit.ly/2rzwzLj

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