5 interior design trends for 2018

From living bigger to living better

By ege carpets

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Fashion and interior design still mirror time and society but have somewhat lost a little attractiveness in the bigger picture. Not completely, of course, but in the sense that other industries have grown in popularity — among these are technology and cars. Private and professional consumers seek a change from…

…and as a result, interior design needs new content in order to survive. At ege, we consider the five major 2018 trends to be as follows:

Customers seek meaningful products to which they can relate. At ege, carpet is not just a flooring textile; it is a story communicated visually, emotionally and physically. Our new collection, Atelier, is developed by our long-time designer friend Monsieur Christian Lacroix and is completely true to the passions and personal style of this former haute couture creator. Covering different design themes such as vintage fabrics, stones and engraved motifs, Atelier ads several layers of meaning to the floor.

2. Positive contribution

Sustainability is an increasingly important design dimension, and architects and interior designers want products to do more than fulfil a specific need. As such, carpets must do something good to the working environment and society in a broader sense. Constantly developing carpet structures and underlay materials enrich ege carpets with pleasant indoor environmental properties and superior acoustic advantages. Using ECONYL® yarns made from used fishing nets, discarded carpet fluff and other waste materials further increases the positive contributions.

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Using ECONYL® yarns made from used fishing nets, discarded carpet fluff and other waste materials lowers environmental impact of the carpet over its entire life-cycle. Not only is it regenerated, it is also infinitely regenerable. A great number of ECONYL® yarns are confirmed for a C2C Gold and C2C Silver Certificate, which makes Cradle to Cradle Certification easier!

3. Honesty rather than publicity

Transparency allows the customer to scratch the product surface and learn more about the production and processes behind it. At ege, we are open to showing the world how our carpets come to life, and one of the important means to doing so is the brand new CSR report.

4. No trend talk without colors

In 2018, the soft, dusty rose and purple hues will emerge together with the blue shades that have been popular for several seasons in pastel, deep and electric versions.

During the last few seasons, green became more and more popular in almost any shade from bottle green to olive to faded green.

In 2018, brown will become the new black as the major trend color that will appear in many different variations with dashes of brown sugar, tapenade and taupe, just to mention a few.

5. Multiple pattern ways

To give customers an exceptional flooring experience, we challenged the product constructions by inventing new patterns integrated in the carpet structure. New technology enables custom patterns and contributes with very interesting and tactile looks. Another strong ege feature is the total design flexibility that allows us to fulfil any design dream by creating any carpet pattern imaginable.

What do you think will influence interior design in 2018? Which trends do you recognize? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Recycling? Yes, and further! We regenerate nylon waste into new materials for brand new products. Download our sustainable design ebook http://bit.ly/2rzwzLj

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