Today’s fashion and textile industry is worth over USD 2.5 trillion (EUR 2.25 trillion), with fast fashion leading the way. The average person buys 60% more clothes today than they did two…

Photo by Sören Funk on Unsplash

Ferreira De Sá

It’s now quite clear that we will be wearing face masks for some time and will have to use them in different occasions. So, just like all our outfits and accessories, they will gradually adapt to our style and become a way to make a fashion statement, be creative and…

We’re thrilled to be celebrating nine years since our ECONYL® regenerated nylon was created and launched to the market. It’s strange to be celebrating these days, but we are living in a moment of great reflection, so it becomes natural to see our story in connection with so much that…

ECONYL® brand

Giving you #endlesspossibilities to create and buy something new and beautiful from waste. ❤️ #liveandrepeat

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