How to future-proof the design of your office

Pictures by ege carpets and Tarkett/Desso

Three main focuses

Talking with Tarkett and ege carpets we were able to identify three main topics on which it is important to focus when designing the office of the future.

ege, ReForm Artworks Ecotrust
DESSO Traverse Nucleus Financial
DESSO — Nucleus Financial — informal workspace area
ege, ReForm Artworks Ecotrust

Seven reasons to use carpet in the future office

The use of carpet floorings is a smart solution to many of the above topics of a modern office space. Here are seven reasons for including them in your next project.

DESSO AirMaster Tones
ege, ReForm Artworks Ecotrust
DESSO AirMaster Earth
DESSO carpets fitted with Philips LED technology

A must: sustainable ingredients

Sustainability of the materials and processes is key in every design project of this kind, not only for certification purposes but also as part of the whole concept of future office and of wellbeing.

Old and spent fishing nets together with carpets are regenerated into ECONYL® nylon for new textile products.

The restorative and inspirational power of Nature in the workplace

People’s connection to nature — biophilia — is an emergent field in design. Studies warn us of the lost connection with green spaces while more and more of the population is moving to urban areas often with few occasions to experience nature. Also, they found out that people respond positively not just to the presence of actual vegetation in the space, but also to related imagery. And this access to natural scenes can promote the well-being of people in these environments.

DESSO Air Master® with EcoBase®
  • Views of nature inside and outside.
ege, Cherry Blossom_HighlineExpressNature
DESSO Desert
ege, Highline ExpressNature

“You are what you eat, but you are also what you breathe, touch, hear and see. You ingest the sky, eat the earth, and sip the sea. Oceans stream through the brine of your blood and sweat.”

“Philosophically, aesthetics concerns the nature of beauty; scientifically, it studies the relationship between the senses and our surroundings. How our bodies interact with the world has everything to do with how we view and treat the environment. Understanding the mechanics of this interaction better is essential to sustainable design.”

We hope these can inspire everybody in future-proofing the design of offices for the always changing workforce and to have a positive impact on productivity, creativity and the environment.

ege, HighlineExpressNature Quartz
DESSO, AirMaster Tones



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