Riding the wave of change in the automotive industry with circular economy

Photo: Raphael Biscaldi, Unsplash

“In the Netherlands, it seems to be a good sign that over two hundred thousand cars are 95% recycled on an annual basis. However, this figure is based almost entirely on the weight of recycled steel. The remaining fraction, consisting of plastics and composites used for e.g. dashboards and floor mats, is mostly downcycled and often “thermally” recycled — in other words, burned.”

Alternative ownership models

“The four goddesses that govern this realm are Goddess of Nature: Sustainability, Goddess of Health: Wellness, Goddess of Experience: Experientialism and Goddess of Simplicity: Minimalism. The emerging millennial customer today is looking for meaning in the way he or she spends his or her money. By touching brands with their wallets, the consumer identifies with the values for which each brand fervently stands.”

Circular supply chain and reverse logistics

Designing with low tech solutions before the high-tech ones

“Technological sustainability is quantitative and relies on doing the same things more efficiently, whereas ecological sustainability is qualitative and requires a fundamentally new way of doing things.” David Orr, Environmental Educator.

“Designers and entrepreneurs tend to be familiar with designing for an end user,” he says. “Effective circular design looks beyond a single product lifecycle for a single user, to designing a bigger system–one that creates more value by enabling multiple usages and users of that material.”

Product lifetime extension

Photo by Patrick Baum on Unsplash




Giving you #endlesspossibilities to create and buy something new and beautiful from waste. ❤️ #liveandrepeat

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ECONYL® brand

ECONYL® brand

Giving you #endlesspossibilities to create and buy something new and beautiful from waste. ❤️ #liveandrepeat

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