What role do designers play in the Circular Economy?


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The problem: A wake-up call

In his book ‘The Shape of Green,’ architect Lance Hosey explains how 90% of a product’s environmental impact is determined during early design phases. Another figure reveals how 39% of CO2 emissions in the USA come from buildings, a percentage that is higher than transportation (29%) and industrial (32%).

Waste is a design flaw

The idea that gave start to this journey was to create a sustainable carpet flooring. David Oakey was working on this, at that time, with Interface and Ray Anderson and he explains very well the challenges and then the cooperation with Aquafil and how ECONYL® came to be, a nylon that transforms a waste problem into design solutions by recovering waste to turn it into nylon for new products.

Old carpets piles up at Aquafil’s Phoenix Carpet Recycling Facility. It will be disassmbled and the nylon will be regenerated in Slovenia at the ECONYL® Regeneration Plant.
The Net Effect™ collection by David Oakey for Interface is made with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn and is inspired both by the beauty of the ocean’s biodiversity and plight of marine life that is endangered by ghost fishing nets, overfishing, pollution and climate change.

Sustainable design — good for the planet and for business

According to Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown, if just 9.7% of the new buildings were net-zero energy by 2050, global greenhouse gas emissions would be 7.1 gigatons lower. That’s the equivalent to eliminating annual emissions from all livestock worldwide. This is an amazing power that has an incredible impact. The Earth is asking for this, but also the market.



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ECONYL® brand

ECONYL® brand

Giving you #endlesspossibilities to create and buy something new and beautiful from waste. ❤️ #liveandrepeat